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The Future of Proximity Marketing has arrived...

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Using Low Frequency Bluetooth

Your beacons can send your ads directly to mobile devices nearby!

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Fully Integrated

With your own customized app!

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Proximity Marketing
Through Estimote Beacons

Improving customer experience and traffic awareness!


We are excited to now offer beacons as part of our 360 degrees marketing program
applications and proximity marketing component.

The retail opportunities for beacons are endless

  • From:
      Proximity Marketing
    In-store analytics
    Indoor navigation
    Contactless payments
    And much more…!


Whatever the application, the goal remains the same:

To bring the richest possible customer experience

to your retail prospects and consumers.

What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a tiny computer broadcasting a signal via Bluetooth technology!


Broadcasting range and proximity
You can think about the beacon as a small lighthouse tower that's installed in a fixed location and broadcasts its presence to all the ships (smartphones) around. They could be as little as 2 inches and as far as 230 feets (approx. 70 metres) away.

The exact maximum range depends on the environment of course. Bluetooth is using the same type of radiowaves as 2.4Ghz WiFi routers. The signal can be diffracted, interferred or absorbed by water (including the human body).

Notifications Types

Proximity notifications

 Built around very contextual, just-in-time notifications, which don’t
require the user to constantly look at their phone.

In this app, the user is notified when they leave or enter a predefined perimeter, as if they left a shoe store in which they had tried on shoes.


Demo or advertising notifications

Requiring more attention from end user this notification type contains text, headlines, images and graphic elements that can be adapted to any store event or advertizng…



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