Building a database is the foundation of The Marketing Management Group's strategic marketing program. A database’s effective management and continued growth are integral to the success of our program!

Strategic customer cards requesting specific information will be designed for your business. These cards will be used by your wait staff to invite your customers to be part of your preferred customer list.

The Marketing Management Group will provide all of the necessary material for each manager to introduce the program to their staff. It is our goal to eliminate any of the guesswork from the end user and to ensure that the implementation is easy and efficient.

To introduce and optimize the data collection effort, The Marketing Management Group will provide customized memos designed for the wait staff that will outline the data collection strategy. The implementation of tracking reports will also be crucial to help maximize the growth of your database.

On a monthly basis The Marketing Management Group will identify the growth, change of your database as well as the performance of each of your wait staff members with regards to data collection. We will also identify the ratio of new clients introduced to your restaurant and report invaluable information as to how they heard about your restaurant. This information alone can save you thousands of dollars spent in advertising that does not perform.

You will now have the information necessary to make educated decisions on where to strategically invest your valuable advertising and marketing budgets. Just another of the many solutions a database will provide to increase the amount of profits you are left with at the end of the year.

As part of our all-inclusive program we will deliver and pick up any material necessary to carry out our mandate. Monthly mailings from our production center to you restaurant will bridge the distance between your market and our office.

Pre-printed waybills, courier supplies and pick-up scheduling are some of the features that will facilitate the integration of this process. This courier feature, which is often overlooked, truly gives our program a global reach across North America.

Our customized intranet database program is indispensable to our team of skilled data entry clerks. On a weekly and monthly basis, this state of the art system will ensure accuracy and expediency in the progression of information that will be contained in your database.

The verification process of the data-entry is very important. Every list is submitted to a rigorous verification process that involves a collaboration between human and computerized standards. This process enables us to be below the industry's average data-entry error ratio of 3%.

All that is required from you is to elect a responsible contact at your restaurant who will serve as the liaison to the Marketing Coordinator. Daily and weekly follow up communication will be made to the restaurant to carefully monitor the progress of the data collection and make any necessary adjustments to stay in line with the projected database growth targets.

Four reasons why managing your database is such an important part of the solutions we provide to increase your income:

With a database you possess a platform that will enable you to reach out to your most important asset: Your clients.

With a database you can successfully increase your ratio of repeat business.

With a database you can strategically focus on generating traffic in key area of the week, month and year; ex: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights or July and January.

With a database you can now tap into your growth potential and convert that growth potential into actual income.


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