For years restaurant owners have viewed advertising and marketing as expenses for which the results are often non-identifiable. The reality is that a large percentage of what is available to restaurants may perform in other industries but the track record and trends associated to these mediums are too often non-relevant to the specific markets of many restaurants. Yet hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year without producing any returns.

Marketing should not be an expense! It should be an investment with an identifiable return that will not require you to contradict your unique selling proposition with discounts or bargains.

Database marketing is not only about the database, it is also about having a true understanding of the field of business, the marketplace, the audience, and most importantly, the application of marketing strategies oriented towards generating and measuring results.

Every restaurant on our program is guaranteed a return on investment if certain guidelines and condition are followed. Making you more money is not a tag line in our mission statement. It is the main purpose of existence of our program!

The biggest misconception restaurant owners have about their regular clients is that they come to their place of business for as many visits in a year as they can.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What you see of your clients every year is often only "the tip of the iceberg"! Their residual value or the additional visits to your restaurant is what lies underneath!

Having our program implemented through a customer appreciation initiative will insure that you tap into this tremendous residual value and optimize the additional income that our program can produce for you!

Hasn't the time come to introduce an entire system that finally works for you and that is designed especially with the customer in mind?


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