Email Campaigns

At the heart of our data driven marketing program lies one of the most powerful and cost effective ways of reaching out to your customer: Marketing management Group's exclusive e-mail and video mail marketing platform.

This customized multimedia e-mailing platform enables us to mass e-mail your entire email list (or selected portions)  in a creative and innovative manner that will be sure to put a smile on every recipient's face. Every e-mail can refer to your customers by their own names and we can personalize your messages around almost any theme you desire. 
Every e-mail can also contain a gift certificate or coupon as well as link up directly to your website and social media of your choice. The increased traffic generated on your website can be noticed almost instantly. With the right approach, this factor alone will make our program worthwhile. 

Every e-mail sent has a fail-safe procedure that enables the recipient to view the presentation e-mail in HTML format or full multimedia (according to the recipient's browser configuration and update). If ever the recipient would not be able to view either format, a simple text message containing the written content of the e-mail would be made available by simply accessing an underlined link. As a result, your messages are clearly received by the email recipients that open them.

Video Mail

If a picture says a thousand words a video says it all… As part of our email program will will dispatch your own personalized video clips embedded in your email campaigns. Nothing can can suggest, describe, propose, thank, recognize or appreciate like a 50 second video clip with a pitch personalized to your location and merchandise.

Online Transactions

Data gathered from the 4 largest credit card companies confirm that North American consumers spent over $1.8 billion dollars via online transactions in 2012. This clearly demonstrate that a big portion of your clients already shop and purchase from online retailers and distributors.

As a retailer  If you do not have the ability to process transaction online your are missing out on the greatest revolution that hit the retail industry in the last 50 years.

The Marketing Management Group will design and manage a secured platform including an online shopping cart for online transactions that will enable the sale of your gift certificates, gift cards and other merchandise you wish to make available online. This platform will be strategically linked to every e-mail and video mail campaign directed to your database with a call to action to click the shopping cart.

Since many of our e-mail campaigns lead the recipient to a call-action that suggest the booking of an event celebration at the restaurant, the next step is often to invite the guest(s) that will be attending the celebration in question. Our e-vite platform is designed to facilitate this process while creating additional exposure for your restaurant.



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