Our marketing program for retailers is a comprehensive database-marketing application structured and orchestrated by a senior Marketing Coordinator who works hand in hand with you.

This strategist handles everything for you; from overseeing data collection and entry, to designing and executing physical mailings and e-mailings, to tracking results.

All the tools necessary for the implementation and execution for each campaign are included in our program: paper, printing, programming, copy writing, graphic arts, personalized mail merges and e-mail merges, etc. All you need to do is give your approval for each campaign.

What you get is a powerful tool aimed at generating additional income.

Comprehensive all-in-one resource :

- Implementation

- Data collection

- Data entry

- Database growth reports (monthly)

- Courier services (next day) for all necessary communication
  between each location and our service bureau

- Copywriting

- Graphic design

- Website strategy, design and hosting

- Printing and assembly (physical mailings)

- Supplies (paper, envelopes, gift certificates, etc)

- Necessary telemarketing efforts on cross-promotions (corporate campaigns)

- Personalized e-mailings

- All necessary coding and programming for full multimedia e-mails
  (motion, music, interaction.)

- All lists necessary for campaigns targeting local neighborhood organizations
  (sports team, schools, special interest clubs, hotels, concierges/front desks etc.)

- Bi monthly tracking and service support for each location

- Full execution of corporate marketing campaigns (aimed at local corporations
in order to increase lunchtime traffic)

- Results tracking and recording

- Monthly ROI reports



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