Physical mailings are an important factor in maximizing the full potential of every database. There greatest accomplishment lies in the sheer number of client and prospects they reach versus email when executing a marketing campaign.



Addressed personally to each database recipient, postcards out perform any other mailing formats when executing a physical mail campaign. They are personalized to each campaign and created to reflect every retailer's branding and unique selling proposition … The copy, the incentives, the design and the images used are all included and handled by The Marketing Management Group!

A signature from the most visible and recognizable figure(s) in the retail environment can also be scripted on each postcards in order to optimize the personalized effect of each physical mail campaign. The process is entirely white labeled, which means that our trademark and logo are nowhere to be found on any design. They truly feel as if they were uniquely created for your location.


Gift Certificates

As per our latest tracking trends and analysis, the most successful corporate campaigns that attract employees that work in your market to your location include gift certificates.
In following these trends, every corporate  campaign has the option of incorporating a colored gift certificate that will be designed and printed by us to your specification. Every gift certificate will incorporate strategic deadlines and redemption conditions that will play key role in controlling responses to your advantage. 

Postal Preperations

One of the most critical solutions we can provide to the execution of a physical mailing is postal preparation. The folding and inserting of thousands mailing pieces often containing multiple components, is a behind the scenes process that is overlooked but that often stands in the way of reaching out to new markets via physical mail..



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