Every participant in our strategic program is assigned to an experienced Marketing Coordinator who will organize all marketing initiatives. The coordinators mandate is to educate themselves on your clientele so that all promotions and campaigns are tailored to suit your needs.

From a strategic perspective, the coordinator will first develop the standard monthly campaigns (birthday, anniversaries and first visit promotions) in both their physical and e-mail formats. In addition, they will also communicate on a regular basis to determine the types of specialized promotions that should be planned as well as which calendar holiday promotions will be created and executed for you.

The communications aspect of your relationship with your Marketing Coordinator is critical to the success of the program.


Four times per year The Marketing Management Group will issue a calendar of events that will highlight calendar holiday campaigns as well as suggested special events campaigns. Together, we will create 4 strategic marketing plans to take you through the year.

These quarterly marketing plans will reflect and incorporate:

Standard campaigns to your database
Calendar holiday campaigns to your database
Special events campaigns to your database
Corporate campaigns for new customers
Residential campaigns for new customers
Special corporate campaigns


Your Marketing Coordinator will follow up with you on a regular basis to make sure that the program is on track by:

  • Following up on the progress of your Client Cards, the growth of your database and being available for database troubleshooting/coaching.
  • Following up on Strategic Planning:
      • What campaigns, promotions and special events do we want to market in the near future (according calendar of events)?
      • Are we on target in meeting your program expectations for monthly birthday campaigns, new customer campaigns, restaurant promotions and calendar holiday events?
  • Tracking
      • You will be asked to report tracking response sheets for monthly birthday, anniversaries, special event, and calendar holiday event campaigns.
      • You will be faxed a summary of the projected figures as opposed to the actual figures measured. This report will be discussed with you and recommendations for adjustments will be made if necessary.


Your Marketing Coordinator will orchestrate and execute all the necessary work related to the delivery of each campaign as per your marketing plan. Copywriting, e-mail coding, graphic design, printing, postal preparation and verification are some of the duties that will be instrumental in fulfilling our mandate of increasing your income.


Probably one of the most important responsibilities of every Marketing Coordinator is to understand how the campaigns are performing and the financial returns they are yielding. For this to be possible, the response data for every campaign has to be recorded and analyzed. Your Marketing Coordinator will play a key role in gathering and chasing the necessary information in order to create a report of each campaign performance.


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