The Marketing Management Group will Develop a strategy for your web site that will best represent and apply internet preeminence to your niche market. It will also tie in with our e-mail marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Management Group will supply you with the experience and knowledge of our professional graphic design department. This department possesses both the creativity and technological experience to create the perfect visual and dynamic web presence for your restaurant.

The Marketing Management Group will provide you with ongoing professional web hosting services for your site such as registering your domain name and hosting your site with state of the art hardware and software technology.



During the past 2 years, gift card sales have swept past paper gift certificates for a ratio of $63 billion per year versus $12 billion. In 2004, 45% of U.S. consumers used prepaid gift cards compared to 11% in 2003. Furthermore 61% of consumers spent more than the value of the gift card.

With such overwhelming numbers, we feel that the format of your gift
certificates plays a key role in your ability to compete in the market place. The Marketing Management Group will implement a full electronic gift card program for your location. We will supply you with a terminal and 500 customized reloadable magnetic cards that will feature your businesses logo and artwork.


Coming October 15, 2012.
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